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Skilled dental professionals

Skilled dental professionals

Pain-free comprehensive dental care

Pain-free comprehensive dental care

State-of-the-art dental facility

State-of-the-art dental facility

Digital solutions – teeth in a day protocol

Digital solutions – teeth in a day protocol

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A practicing Implantologist, Cosmetic Dentist, and Prosthodontist, Dr. Burzin Khan, leads the Multi-Specialty clinical practice ‘OPUS Dental Specialities’, the best dentist in Mumbai!

Enriched with 30 years of experience, Dr. Burzin Khan specializes in Digital workflows for Immediate Implant Restorations, Same Day Teeth protocol, CAD-CAM teeth restorations, Smile Make-Overs with Veneers, and Full Mouth Rehabilitations.

Dr. Burzin Khan has won critical acclaim in India and abroad for his outstanding work in the field of implants and Digital Dentistry. He is a key opinion leader for 3M Espe India, Carestream, and Bredent Medical Gmbh, running the best dental clinic in Mumbai that is easily approachable for all the patients!

Searching for the best Dentist in Mumbai? Or want to experience a budget-friendly yet top dental clinic in Mumbai? Then you must contact Dr. Burzin Khan’s OPUS Dental Specialities, the best dental clinic in Mumbai! Opus Dental Specialities offers you the most advanced and best dental services! Your search for the best Dentist in Mumbai ends right here! Treating our clients for the past 30 years have made us the most trusted and top dental clinic in Mumbai! Since the time of our beginning, we have improvised and brought in the right technology for flawless treatments and have achieved the title of the best dental clinic in Mumbai!

Our Top dental clinic in Mumbai has a sprawling but tranquil clinic that will absorb you in its unpretentious ambiance, soft melodies, and a very warm welcoming staff that assures your experience at the dentists is a memorable one for all the right reasons! We ensure you will experience the best dental treatment in Mumbai at Opus! Opus surely has the best dental clinic in Mumbai.

At OPUS Dental Specialities, we assure you of having an experience of stepping into the Best dental clinic in Mumbai. We provide services that incorporate every facet of dental care. A courteous front office, gentle and gracious chairside assistants, efficient and Best Dentist in Mumbai, all within an extremely soothing ambiance meeting all the expectations of a top dental clinic in Mumbai!

After almost 3 decades of the venture, Opus has been titled the top dental clinic in Mumbai. We have showcased our abilities and expertise time and again to earn a loyal set of clients over the years. We pride ourselves on providing global standards of dental care to employees and their families at competitive rates. Serving you with the best Dentist in Mumbai, Opus is largely known to have the best dental clinic in Mumbai!

Your search for the best dental clinic in Mumbai ends right at Opus Dental Specialities! Opus Dental Specialities offers you the most advanced and affordable dental care treatment. We are the top dental clinic in Mumbai, with a mission to be accessible for everyone conveniently. Hence, we offer you your perfect smile right under your budget and serve you with the best Dentist in Mumbai! Safety and hygiene are our priority, hence all our patient scrubs and drapes, and plastic instruments are disposable. You will get a consistent experience of stepping into the best dental clinic in Mumbai when you step into Opus! We serve you with the most experienced and best Dentist in Mumbai. Hence, our clinic is crowned as the top dental clinic in Mumbai!

Happy Patients
Happy Patients
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Online Appointments
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Years Of Experience
Doctors and Staff
Doctors and Staff
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Digital Dentistry

The reason behind Opus Dental Specialties being the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai

Cosmetic Dentistry

Decay is one of the most common problems affecting the oral cavity. To arrest its progress..

Digital Implantology

Missing teeth can be replaced and restored with Dental Implants to improve function..

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Adult teeth..

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment involves treating the infected pulp tissue in the tooth. Infection..

Orthodontics & Aligners

Orthodontic treatment helps improving your facial appearance as it brings teeth, lips..


What our patients Says


I came in with excruciating pain in my teeth and gums on a very last minute appointment. Opus was kind enough to squeeze me in on a simple request. Dr. Khan worked his magic and relieved me from my misery. The whole team is very warm and lovely to interact with. Always forth coming and answer all questions with patience. Thank you guys for the top notch care. And I promise to be good and follow doctor’s orders!!!

Tunviey M

Like other dentist , don’t have to wait for the treatment at Opus . I always reach 5 minutes early of my scheduled appointment, n my treatment starts as per my scheduled time . That’s the best part. No waiting time .No words for Dr. Burzin, he is best in his profession .The staff is great and extremely friendly. The whole clinic looks so warm and comfortable. Very soothing.

Shah Rohan

A comfortable experience. Dr. Burzin, Dr. Farah and the rest of the team were able to provide the necessary treatment within a limited time window, without cutting any corners. The treatment was thorough, and importantly - pain free! The new clinic in Bandra is an added plus, making it more accessible.

Dhruv Khanduja

Dr. Farah is simply amazing! She's very gentle, understanding and proficient. It's easy to communicate the problem to her. I've had 10/10 results from Opus Dental Specialities. Please give them a try!

Sarah M

Treatment quality, patient service and professionalism at Opus Dental Specialties was top notch!!! I was attended to by Dr.Neeha Modak and the work she did on me was like art - it left me with a better smile, and great looking teeth. Plus, she made me feel very comfortable. Best Dental Clinic experience so far!!! I'll always get my Dental work from here going forward.

Nehal Modak

I was treated by Dr Modak at Opus Dental, a very professional and a caring doctor. She explained everything to me in detail about my filling and helped me get extremely comfortable through the entire process. I would definitely recommend Opus Dental and would suggest you to ask for Dr Modak to treat you. She’ll make you understand the entire process in detail and make your dental treatment journey seem like a walk in the clouds. I have to say that being an amazing mentor Dr. Khan is, he has an amazing team of young doctors working with him at the clinic. They’re indeed smile designers )

Shahnawaz khan

I want to thank my colleague who referred me to Dr Khan and the last 1 year of treatment by Dr Khan and his outstanding team has been a fantastic experience. The quality of hygiene was impeccable and the curtosies extended was brilliant. Near zero deviation from the appointed time. Great COVID protocol and care was being observed. Thank you very much for bringing my smile back.

Ajay Gupta

I had a superb experience of getting treatment by Dr Khan. The entire clinic was very well covered with all precautions pertaining to COVID and I felt very secure each time I visited the clinic. The team at the Clinic is very courteous and caring. The treatment protocol was very well explained at each stage. What was extremely reassuring was a call from Dr Khan himself to enquire about my condition a day after the process was done. This is the 1st time any Dr has made an effort to call and check. Thanks Dr Khan and your entire team.

Aparna Gupta

Dr Burzin and his staff doing very great n excellent job. I did my implant surgery and also wisdom tooth surgery. His surgical skills are excellent and overall great experience. They are v friendly n nice persons. Since last 10 years I visited to Dr Burzin Khan clinic. I really satisfied for his n staff work. They are outstanding n genius. Thanx a million. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Nauzer Tarachand

I have been around to several dentist in my lifetime in India and abroad and must say that this have been the best dental experience I have ever had. Many thanks to Dr. Farah and team Opus. Fabulous job.

Kevin Dias

Some services are essential to our lives and if the service provider does a good job then you are lucky. With Opus Dental Specialities I am doubly blessed for the entire team have with their infinite patience helped make my dentist visit a chore no more. Dr.Burzin Khan has the lightest hand he is persistent to the very end seeking perfection in every aspect of his work. Its simply the quality of treatment at the clinic that has converted me from an Artful Dodger to a conscientious patient.

Preeti Bedi

I've been a patient under Dr.Niralee Shah for the last year or so. I got an implant done from them. I had my apprehensions in the beginning but I am extremely happy to say that it went off without a hitch thanks to the doctor and her team. Dr. Khan and the whole team are very warm, accomodating and very professional. The clinic is equipped with the state of art machines too. My smile looks a lot better thanks to them. I am grateful for the wonderful experience..Excellent dental clinic in Bandra, very professional and highly trained,, and extremely hygienic. Will definitely recommend this for all your dental requirements.

Coleen Khan

I've been a patient under Dr.Niralee Shah for the last year or so. I got an implant done from them. I had my apprehensions in the beginning but I am extremely happy to say that it went off without a hitch thanks to the doctor and her team. Dr. Khan and the whole team are very warm, accomodating and very professional. The clinic is equipped with the state of art machines too. My smile looks a lot better thanks to them. I am grateful for the wonderful experience..

Ashok Ganatra

My Experience at Opus Dental has always been superb.Iam terrified and petrified to visit a dentist or sit in a dental chair but i have to say that Dr Burzin Khan and his team are simply MAGIC!! From his old colleagues to new ones I would give them a 10/10! Highly recommend Opus Dental to all those looking for magical and painless hands. Kudos to your entire team Dr Burzin🙌🏻🎉👍

Vanita Dadlani

I absolutely love to my smile now! I am more confident about smiling in pictures! And I owe it to Dr. Burzin Khan and team! I visited the office for the first time as an emergency following a mishap. The office was impeccably clean, always expected in a medical setting, but even more so during a pandemic. Dr Burzin Khan and team were friendly, courteous and professional. Dr. Neeha Modak's demeanor and work was outstanding. Not only did she help me feel fully comfortable, but she performed a functionally and cosmetically perfect repair to my dental issues. I flew in from New York for only two weeks and she managed to get all my dental work done perfectly within that time span which allowed me to spent more time with family and friends and not to forget to enjoy some good Indian food too! Amazing service and top notch work headed by Dr Burzin Khan and team. I highly recommend this place!

Nazia Modak

Visited for Dental Fillings - Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue. Anubha has a calm and competent demeanour which greatly helps a person cringeing with the fear of torture and pain. She explains the issues clearly without any fuss.

Chandita Mukherjee

Visited for Surgical Extractions of Teeth  - Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. Dr. Burzin Khan, Has a state of the art Clinic. Everyone is very professional & well trained. My tooth extraction was skillfully done, with no discomfort.

Kabir Advani

After breaking both of my front teeth from an accident, it was a terrible time that was made not only easy and smooth by Dr Burzin Khan and team but in a very professional and proper way with a sweet personal touch that healed not only my teeth but also my heart. What I liked about him is he is such a capable and competent dentist who is also sweet, calm and composed and full of patience... qualities which I being a surgeon myself believe define and differentiate a great doc from just another doc. If ever I need to see a dentist, I have already decided to come only and only to him even if that takes me to travel since I don't want to take chance with something as precious as health and when I know I am in the best hands. Thanks a lot again sir for being there during my bad time. I wish you and the entire team my best wishes.

Sumit Mandal

I wished there were more than 5 stars here - 5 more ! Dr.Burzin Khan & his team are truly professional, talented artists with passion and patience. The dental clinic is super clean, efficiently managed by support staff, has the latest and best equipment. Going to a dentist is not on most of our wishlist till the last minute...same was with me. Dr.Purvi handled my anxiety, questions and some fear with comfort and put me at ease. Highly recommended without a doubt. Thank you all at Opus & God bless....

Satyen Dasondi

I have had a molar implant and a splint done for two loose front teeth. I also had a cavity filled. My wife had teeth whitening done. All the work was very professional and I prefer to come to this clinic instead of doing my world in the US where I live. Although the cost is a bit on the high side it is certainly commensurate with the quality of work done. Mr Khan is a perfectionist and the equipment, in my view , is more advanced than in the several dental clinics I have used in the USA.

Andre Furtado

Excellent work done for me by Dr.Burzin Khan himself. After a long time I am rid of the pain in my tooth while eating or gargling. The sterile conditions, hygiene as well as all the Covid-19 precautions are strictly adhered to, which are of maximum importance as well in the present pandemic circumstances. Hats off & infinite thanks to Dr.Burzin Khan & his entire team.

Furrokh Variava

I've known Burzen almost from day 1 of his practice. What can I say.... for a guy like me who simply shya away from doctors, Burzen puts you at COMPLETE peace of mind. He ia gentle, listens, does not rush and always reassuring. His knowledge is the best the industry can find. Opus as a facility is clean, hygienic, well equipped and the support staff are aa good aa Burzen himself in their own respective functions. 18 years going, I will never change my dentist. On a lighter note, you must try the freshly brewed coffee Anita (front desk) makea. Aweeeaome Opus stands head n shoulders above all other dental clinic at least in Mumbai. 🙏🙏🙏

Christopher Stephen Verma

Expert and courteous doctors. They took more care to my teeth than I could ever do. Great experience. Thank you doctors at Opus.

Swapan Thakur

Professionally managed place. Fantastic set of doctors. Best place for any dental treatment. I was very happy with the skill level of Dr. Khan. He was able to diagnose my problem spot on.

Rohan D'Cunha

Professional, friendly and quick dental service in historic Fort area of Mumbai. Need not look any further for a routine check or spcialized services. Had a broken tooth fixed in 2 days with a crown inlay to fix an old and recurring problem.

Gert Smit

I got 2 root canals done. Dr. Khan and his team are extremely helpful and ensured that I was comfortable and well taken care of.


Very professional, fantastic service and great stuff for regular checkup and specialist surgery!

Ayush - Yoshi

Loved the professionalism… most importantly left with happy teeth!

Khushnuma Ferzandi

Very good doctors and you are well taken care . Clinic has the best equipment's and very clean .

Priti Chaurasia
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