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A legacy of trust spanning over three decades. Now in Bandra

The Team at Opus Dental Specialities, bandra are experts in their fields. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive dental care. Of course we will treat your active concerns, however, our approach also aims to reduce the risk of future disease in order to keep teeth healthy for life. We are equipped with the most modern technology to ensure high quality care which is predictable & comfortable for our patients.




Microscopes increase accuracyoptimise performance & enable us to visualise the smallest detail of the tooth, as well as the surrounding tissues which helps visualise things the naked eye can’t.

Treatments enhanced with a microscope allows us to be more preservative & minimally invasive, inevitably impacting the long term survival of teeth.

Patient education and consent for us is of paramount importanceOur unique digital set up allows our patients to visualise the problems & complexities being dealt with improving treatment acceptance as well as trust.


With the Help of Artificial Intelligence& the latest innovations in dentistry, intraoral scanners are now making conventional impression techniques redundant, thereby enhancing patient experience & comfort.

Whether you require single tooth solutions, implants, full arch restorations, or smile makeovers, our complete digital workflow ensures you have a time saving & predictable outcome


CBCTS aid in the three-dimensional radiographic assessment of teeth and their surrounding structures which is desirable for accurate diagnosis & treatment planning. 
CBCTS overcome the limitations of conventional dental X-Rays which are a 2 Dimensional replication of a 3 Dimensional object (teeth & surrounding anatomy).

CBCTS don’t read themselves, and comprehensive training is required to optimise its use.

Burzin is a Keynote Speaker for CBCTS in India & uses it routinely for diagnosis and treatment planning associated with Implants

Shaurya has been extensively trained in the use of CBCTs in Endodontics at King’s College London, which contributes to the most amount of research and literature available to us in peer reviewed journals for its use in Endodontics.


We believe in constantly upgrading & adopting newer technologies, which aid in precision, as well as comfort to our patients.

All indicative treatments are planned with a complete digital workflow, which enhances accuracy of complex treatments in particular & also allows us to show our patients the potential end results prior to definitive treatment.

The favourite factor amongst our patients for adopting digital dentistry is lesser chair time & reduced dental visits, which isn’t a surprise.


A predictable implant prosthesis starts from planning the implant right! This is achieved using a complete digital workflow i.e, a combination of intra-oral scanners, CBCT,
AI supported implant
planning softwares, computer assisted designing softwares & 3D printing.

Following a thorough intra-oralextra-oral examination & investigations, our specialists use this information to plan, print & execute the implant placement & prosthesis fit in order to provide the best possible biological & aesthetic outcome.

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Shaurya Srivastava


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We ensure quality care using the highest technology & equipment available which allows treatments to be predictable & comfortable for our patients.