Our Sterilization Process

All our patient scrubs and drapes, and plastic instruments are disposable; hence make up for one time use. Our drilling handpieces are autoclaved after each patient. The coupling has a non-return valve to avoid the suck back of contaminated fluid and debris created during drilling. The Diagnostic, Restorative & Surgical Instruments go through a stringent sterilization protocol as per global standards.


All used instruments are soaked in an antiseptic solution and brushed using an autoclaved brush to ensure thorough cleaning.


The instruments are then cleansed in an ultrasonic bath, with a disinfectant to remove any debris accumulated on it.


The instruments are washed in running water and then packed in sterilization pouches or wraps and sealed by heat pressing. These sterilization wraps allow penetration of steam during autoclaving and maintain sterility of the processed instrument after sterilization.


The wrapped instruments are placed in a Class B autoclave for effective sterilization. We use a class B level autoclave, which is the best recommended for sterilization of all dental instruments.

For faster sterilization, in between patients, especially the turbines, we use the Ultra fast automatic sterilizer. This has a cycle of only 8 minutes.

Covid Care

Overall fumigation of the clinic with a unique anti-microbial surface sanitizer, Zoono. it’s highly effective for 30 days.

Elimination of bacterias and any contamination from the surfaces and air. Sanitizers are also placed across the clinic for doctor, staff and patient’s safety.

Air purifiers with air ionizers discharge negative ions into the air as a way to clean it.

UVC light is highly effective at decontamination and killing germs without toxic chemicals. It can effectively disinfect dental tools, surfaces, and other items, ensuring the complete safety of all those in the clinic.

These suits ensure the doctors, staff, and patients protection against any contamination.